Deepak Kalkoti

Deepak Kalkoti hail from a pristine hilly town of Lohaghat in Champawat district, Uttarakhand which is famous for the Mayawati ashram which Swami Vivekananda has founded in 1899. The ashram mesmerized him since childhood. Even though he was born and brought up in busy capital Delhi, he kept on searching for the spiritual answers and understanding the esoteric world of maya since his young years until he started learning Jyotiṣa in Guru Śiṣya parampara under Pt. Sanjay Rath and Sarbani Rath in 2014. He has undergone Mantra Śāstra , Śiva Mahapuran, Parashara Jyotiṣa and Jaimini Upadeśa Sutra courses under his Gurus.

He is a Jyotiṣa consultant and teacher. He mixes spiritual aspect with Jyotiṣa to understand different facets of human life. Besides Jyotiṣa studies he has undergone various Vedanta courses with Chinmaya mission and Ramakrishna Mission. He is also certified in Veda Vedanga, Darshan and Ancient Indian Literature. He is an avid reader and his approach in Jyotiṣa teaching is to expand the horizon of the students leading to better understanding of life, its vagaries and path.

Deepak is Bachelor in Technology (Electronic and Communications) from GB Pant University of Agriculture and technology. He has also served in many Telecom and IT MNCs across globe during the last 20 years under different engineering, Sales and Marketing roles. He currently lives in Delhi along with his family.